April 23, 2024

 Bone grafting is needed to create a solid base. It is not always necessary as your bone can be thick enough to withstand the heavy chewing. Chewing exerts great pressure on jaw bone and this is why when bone can’t withstand simple chewing then it is less likely that it would be able to take in heavy dental implant. This is why bone grafting is done before a dental implant so we are prepared and covered.

There are different options that you can try in order to have a successful bone grafting. Talking to your doctor prior the process is always a good idea. You can have a natural bone graft in order to build a strong jawbone. This simply means that you can a bone grafted from any part of your body and have it fixed in your jaw. Don’t worry you won’t be asked to chop off your fingers. There is a whole other process dedicated to natural bone grafting. But if you are not looking forward to that option then you can have an artificial bone graft which means that a substitute of bone would do the work. Second option is preferred by most people.

It solely depends on your structure if you would require a heavy transplant or a minor bone graft would do the work. If it is a heavy grafting then it can take up to several months in order to settle down and infuse with the jaw bone. Grafted bone will create space for itself by growing and attaching with the side bones. Once the bone is done growing, this is when the real steps for dental implant surgery UAE will take place.

When you get a green signal from dentist and are ready to go now the step of choosing your new set of artificial teeth. There are two main options, fixed and removable. As you can imagine, a removable set would mean you will be able to take it out and in during whatever hours you feel like would be suitable. Most people like getting them on in the mornings and sleep without it at night. While a fixed would mean you won’t be able to get rid of them. They look really natural and it is hard to tell if you have an artificial one.

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