July 21, 2024

Wedding cake traditions have been in the picture since the medieval times. It was the Romans that first introduced the concept of wedding cakes. They were considered as a sign of health and prosperity for the couple in the upcoming future of them and their unborn children as well.

These cakes would be made out of wheat which was later thrown or broken upon the heads of bride. This would mean as a sign of fertility for the couple, but before that, a wheat loaf must be eaten by the groom who himself would break the bread and the scattered crumbs would be collected by the guests as a gesture of them being happy and that they share their good fortune – just as the flower bouquet which is thrown these days from the backside faced that every bridesmaid try to catch in order to be the next bride.

After that, around 1900 years ago Romans would bake wheat and salt in the form of cakes which would be eaten on the ceremonies and that’s how slowly and gradually the recipe evolved and turned into these extravagant three step cakes as we know it.

Though it did take a lot of time for the tradition of cake breaking to fade as there were some incidents and activities reported in Scotland where a bread loaf was recorded breaking on top of the bride’s head enjoyed by everyone and the bride herself.

Wedding cakes in Dubai have taken a completely different form. There are all sorts of options and flavors available to order cakes in Dubai which would be delivered right to your doorstep with punctuality to make sure that the fun is never ending.

Just like no birthday parties can be completed without cakes, the same way, no wedding or anniversary party can be completed without a delicious white cake which represents the beautiful long years that wait ahead for the couple and all the blessings that would be showered on them.

Cakes are surely a beautiful way to gift your love and affection to your newly wed friend or family member which they would remember all their life; a thoughtful cake that you gifted them on their special day. Make sure that you arrange things before hand to keep everything organized instead of running at last moment to places.