July 21, 2024

We all know that early childhood education holds a lot of importance in the development of a child. But the question which arises is how do you choose which nursery is best for your child? What are the traits that make British nurseries in Dubai standout than any other nurseries?

Here is the answer to that directly from early learning center dubai minds:

Hygienic and Safe environment

This is very important to look for in any kind of institute. If the place is not clean and the wrappers thrown by children lay around for a long period of time, then you may need to consider some place else. Also make sure that the institute has full security and precautionary measures in case some unforeseen circumstances take place. It is also important to make sure that the toys and other material provided to children for their learning is also safe and hygienic because these things leave a huge impact on a child’s health.

Methods of teaching

There are several different kinds of methods of teaching. Ranging from activity based learning to play and write method, there are different kinds of learning approaches that nurseries choose for their students. You must first analyse your child in what kind of learning are they interested in and then choose the nursery. For example a hyper child who loves throwing balls here and there could never quietly sit and listen to the teacher and write, an activity based environment is best for enhancing their abilities and slowly and gradually move them to studies and vice versa for quiet and calm kids. 

Professional level

This is an equally important trait. You must be aware of the qualification of the teaching staff. It is not only about qualification, in fact, experience also equally matters. A teacher who is not qualified enough but have an experience of more than  years, you can be sure that this person can handle your child efficiently. You must also know what their appreciation and punishment methods are, because they matter a lot. A nursery should not exceed in punishing its students and vice versa in appreciation. But also make sure that you stay in touch with the teachers because it is teacher-parent cooperation only that leads a child to the paths of success.