May 24, 2024

Birthdays are special in every way one can think of. And there are some amazing ways of celebrating birthdays all around the world. As amazing they are, did you ever think that would there would be facts for birthdays as well. There are facts for everything but who knew there are facts about birthdays as well. And yet there are some amazing and interesting facts about birthdays. The very lovely fact is that there are over 3 billion birthday cards sent around the world on birthdays. Although, due to the internet this tradition has dropped down to 1 billion but still there are people who like to do it in the old way. And out of this billion figure 59% of the birthday cards are purchased in the United States.

You must be thinking you kid is a spoiled brat and spends too much money on his/her birthday, well read this twice, you didn’t win from the King; Sultan of Brunei, who spent 28 million in dollars and everyone, I mean everyone was at his birthday party. You must be thinking what was at that party well; he had 3 concerts on that same day where the pop king Michael Jackson performed there on all 3 concerts. And Jackson charged him $16 million back in those days and the rest of money was spent on food, décor and other stuff.

Dying on the same day on you were born, seems like a dark gloomy or what can I say happy at the same time. Well, it did happen to the best story teller of all times; William Shakespeare. He was born of April 23rd, 1564 and died exactly on April 23rd, 1616. Now that’s the best story ever. And did you know most people who get born on Friday 13th are considered either very luck, very unlucky, attractive or dangerous. But it’s just a myth.

Until your next birthday, your heart might have pumped 2,7,99,000 liters of blood in your body. This is an average estimation depending on your heart condition so, make your heart happy and give some regard for letting you have those birthdays by eating healthy food. Last, in UAE if you have a birthday there are free kids birthday parties in Dubai and many other free kids’ parties. Now that you know all these amazing facts about birthdays, make sure that you have a blast on your next birthday. Visit for further details.