July 21, 2024

Learning is a thing that we do almost our whole life. And leaning is the thing that mankind has been doing all their life and that is only why we have been progressing since the starting of time. But just like everything, learning has some amazing facts as well. And the first fact is that if children played scary and violent games, it helps them overcoming their fears in real life. While there are many psychologists who don’t agree on this term, but there are many who do. But did you heard of the game Blue Whale which made a history that it was so depressing and stressful that kids killed themselves. 

If you want to boost your learning skills then you should try to do gardening, because it has been proven by many psychologists that this hobby improves the desire of learning and also when the plant grows while the kid takes care of it, they intend to learn more about it. There are parents who are very competitive when it comes to studies and psychologists say that if you teach your kids even about simple ABC or 123 it will have a counterproductivity on the brain and to their learning skills. So, just talk to them instead of introducing them to books, but there are parents who taught their children at early age and some of them have broken IQ test score of Einstein. But these cases are very rare. 

Green color is said to be good for the eyes and for the brain and that why every school’s classroom will have more green color because it promotes children’s autonomy and choice making capabilities. Every school and class of all levels will have a chess board in it because it is proven that playing chess at early age makes kids smart. Talking about learning fast, if a kid plays with blocks, he/she will have direct effect on increment in neurons count in children which helps them build the problem-solving skills. If the school has music classes and dance classes, the students will have advanced the skills of learning language easily. If the school has drama classes, it will help them in listening more and will create a desire to participate as well. Look at more info below to find about different american schools in qatar.