Why is Canada the best country to migrate to?

More than 58.000 foreign students have become permanent citizens of Canada. In 2019 Canada hosted more than 650,000 International students at the post-secondary level.

Canada has maintained its sponsorship of foreign students, amid the coronavirus pandemic. It is better than ever for the federal government to apply for a Canadian research visa. More than 67,000 foreign students from 15 countries have already been accepted by Canada this year.

Studying in Canada opens more doors for permanent citizens, whether through a territorial candidate scheme or a federal program on immigration. In June, the Canadian economy gained more than one million jobs, according to a new Statistics Canada survey.

Canadians are growing their desire for foreign jobs by way of a healthy economy and labor market. For potential permanent immigrants and seekers of job permits, this is excellent news. The Government of Canada has periodically reopened Express Entry draws and welcome applicants from all grades, including Federal Professional Employees and Federal Skilled Trades (FST). Candidates must apply.

While an eligible worker can wait decades for permanent status in the United States, the Canadian immigration system requires professional immigrants to apply for permanent residence immediately if they qualify for a program. An individual is granted permanent residence, plus access to universal health and social care throughout Canada, and is granted a right to live and work anywhere in Canada.

Meanwhile, between 2016 and 2018 in the United States, the number of immigrants declined by 7%. This pattern will continue with the highly aggressive immigration policies of Trump. American businesses are now searching for more opportunities in their country to hire qualified employees from abroad.

To simplify the application processes, the Government of Canada continues to track the situation. They encourage foreigners to begin to schedule their demands. The limitations of a pandemic do not dissuade foreign nationals involved in developing their lives in Canada but should see this as a possibility and the beginning of a Canadian immigration path.

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