December 5, 2022

With Dubai being an Islamic state comprising of a Muslim population that prefers female doctors for women related issues just to make them comfortable. Gynecologists are doctors who specialize in the areas of women’s health in particular the female reproductive system. Best gynecologists in Dubai are women who deal with a wide range of medical and surgical subjects of the female reproductive health including the likes of pregnancies, fertility issues and menstruations amongst various hormonal disorders. A good hospital is one that promotes diversification by including top notch labs along with the best neurologists in Dubai.

Being aware of rules and regulations: Patients should be made aware of visiting a hospital that has a team of licensed doctors otherwise it could turn ugly. For instance visiting a gynecologist who practices improper techniques and ends up injuring the patient which could make the hospital end up in a lawsuit. Similarly hospitals should ensure that females are treated adequately by their gynecologists(female) else the patients can sue the concerned doctor.

Being a neurologists is challenging: It is not the question of neurologists to work on their patients rather they need to be backed up by a team of psychiatrists, physiotherapists and speech pathologists. To better explain it, a formula racecar drivers gets into a major accident and ends up being severely injured. Injuries from a major car race accident can be in the form of severe head injury along with a severely injured spine. The primary job of the neurologist is to conduct extensive tests and examinations for the injured parts of the body. Surgery would be the only viable option to move forward. Once the patient is discharged from the hospital over a period of time it is important to bear in mind that their chances of a full recovery is a distant possibility. From then the patient is to attend sessions with a team of a physiotherapist, psychiatrist and a speech pathologist. A physiotherapist would work on the patient to gain physical mobility, a psychiatrist would work on their mental well being as they spend time off the tracks and lastly with their spinal cord and brain being injured they need to work with a speech pathologist to gain their lost speech upto a certain extent.

Automation: At times surgeons might not be able to perform their tasks with ease since the brain and spinal cords are very sensitive areas to operate on. To curb this matter for surgeons, perhaps the hospital should get their hands on artificial intelligence. Through such initiatives, surgeons will be assisted by surgical robots to perform complex tasks. It does not imply that doctors will be replaced with machines rather they will be guiding them through applications or remote controls. By letting surgical robots doing the hard yard, surgeons would have time to focus on other tasks such as observing activity of the brain while the surgical robot perform their jobs.