March 29, 2023

Voice artists who do English voice overs have a really hard work to do. They are the ones providing voices to different films, animations and documentaries. But becoming a voice over artist is not just as reading what is given to you but instead it needs skills and training before it. It is also an art to put your voice into something and bring it to life. If you have seen documentaries you must know the magic that voice over puts in those films. Here we have some tips for all the artists to record documentaries at leading recording studios in Dubai:


A voice over artist should be imaginative and can imagine whatever is written on the script. If the artist can not imagine what’s written on the script he or she can never feel it. Without the feel its just like reading the script like a robot which people would definitely are not going to enjoy.

Timings are Crucial:

Timings are very important in any narration. The artist does not only have to feel and imagine what’s going on but also match up with the timings. The visuals and voice should go along, if the are not synchronized it would just ruin up all the film. So the artist should be really careful about timings and keep up the pace of time.

Live with the Script:

If the narrator has gone through the script thoroughly only then he or she can live up with script. It is important to give narrator the time with the script, only then the process of imagination, rehearse, picturize and familiarize can work smoothly. Giving the script on a short notice will ruin the essence of the script, not only with tone and familiarization but also with time.

Enhance Essence of the Writing:

A good voice over artist will always be creative with the reading style. The way the script is being read increases the honour of the writing. The pitch, tone, pacing and dimensions are all given the importance and performed in the best way possible. You start feeling what the writer was feeling while writing the script.

Be Open with Feedback:

Feedback is important, it is the key to improve your work be successful. Feedbacks are there to construct you not to degrade you. Sometimes you will not be able to understand what director needs from you, in this situation focus on the feedback and pick up the adjectives that they need from you.