The different roles played by experts in a branding agency

Branding agencies are the form that is specialized in launching brands, rebranding. The main purpose of these agencies is to make plan, create and manage the strategies of the clients. They also support in promotion and in advertisement. Branding is actually process of developing the brand of company. There are number of branding company in Dubai that is providing the best services to their clients. Some creative agency in Dubai is providing also branding services. These branding agencies allow the companies to gain the advantage of competition and the purpose id to target the market and become the reason of expanding the business of the company. Branding agencies have lots of roles that they have to play for the branding of the company. Let’s have a look the responsibilities of the branding agencies.

Roles of client:

There is a person from the client who works with the branding agencies from the client like accounts director and manager accounts.

Director accounts

This is the person who has the direct link between the branding team and with the client and they are responsible:

  • To lead the team and provide the best level of services to the client.
  • To promote the business for expansion with current clients,
  • To work with the seniors and generate the new accounts
  • Use the skills to push the clients and to agency with creativity and with strategies.

Manager accounts

Manager accounts have to work with the client on daily basis. They make sure that the creative team is doing well. They provide the innovative solution and able to see the big picture. Manager accounts have the important role for the client.

Executive Accountant

This person looks after all the work day by day and coordinates with the team. This person also acts as the main point of the contact with clients.

Designing and creative roles

Creativity director:

This man has the responsible for the final creative work. He guides the creative team and have the vision for brands and how to run the campaigns of the clients. This person is also responsible for the making sure that brands values should be high.

Director of art

This person is responsible for the output of all the work. He sees all the creative work before reaching to the clients. A director art is the multi tasked person who know the updated styles and trends about the fashion.

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